martedì 2 novembre 2010


Do they estimate the duration of a trip, by bus, like if you're goin to fly from a place to another?!
Do not care about what the timetable is saying...put in your mind that to arrive somewhere, the bus, can take the eternity; or even more.

lunedì 1 novembre 2010


Get ready for the biggest challenge of your life: find a method to wash yourself using the 2 split taps (hot/cold) in the bathroom.
Still working on this...everytime somebody comes up with a different tip.


Put the ENGLISH MODE; when you use italian words (that are common used) try to pronounce them like if you're chewing a whole jacket potatoe.
Say tagliatelle as TO-G-L-IOTELLI. Try to force yourself to well separate the G(h) and the L, is very important.


Do not even dream that your food will be as good as your grandmothers; you put all the love but..NO WAY, is a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!


If you're not a tourist and you think is not useful to have a camera always with you, YOU'RE WRONG!
The energy of this city is made by little and sometimes unseen particulars that is just a pity not to fix on images.

A kind of manual

nb: all the thoughts write in this blog are in random order.
If you don't like brainstorming do not try to read :)


I don't know if this blog will be helpful for somebody...well, can be, but one thing I want is put together my thoughts, the ones I realized, are crossing my mind from about 2 years.
After all, I'm in London, a city that you can love or you can hate; or like me; you can just live. Day by day...